How to remove Spaghetti Carpet Stains

How to remove Spaghetti Carpet Stains

Spaghetti carpet stains are among the most common and hardest to remove stains. Spaghetti is usually colored and when it falls on the surface of the carpet, it leaves a colored mark or stain on this area. This stain is difficult to remove and requires proper cleaning process to be performed. The cleaning process should be performed immediately so that the things do not get out of hand. There are different methods of removing carpet stains such as hot water extraction method and steam cleaning method. Another method named dry carpet cleaning is also popular though it is not the first choice when removal of carpet stains is intended.

Getting Started

We will describe the removal of spaghetti carpet stains using the hot water extraction method. In the hot water extraction method, industrial equipment is used in order to apply the cleaning mixture to the carpet. The industrial equipment has a chamber for storing water and cleaning agent. It applies the mixture uniformly to all parts of the carpet resulting in highly effective cleaning, especially in closets. The equipment also has pads at its rear end, which help in rubbing the stains off the carpet. There is, however, no need to purchase the equipment in order to perform the cleaning process since there are a number of professional companies offering the hot water extraction cleaning services.

The following lists were provided by Idaho Carpet Cleaning and Restoration:

Supplies Required for removing the Spaghetti Carpet Stains

There are a number of supplies, which will be required in removing the spaghetti carpet stains. Some of the common supplies are stated below:

  1. Industrial Grade Equipment: This will be required to efficiently perform the hot water extraction process. In case the equipment is not available, a simple bottle may be used for pouring hot water on the carpet. The efficiency, in this case, will be mild but stains will be removed.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner: In order to remove dust and dirt particles from the carpet. It needs to be applied to all parts of the carpet so that a fresh look may be provided to the carpet.
  3. Scrubber or Clean Cloth: A scrubber or a clean cloth may be used in order to rub the stains off the carpet. The clean cloth will also help in drying the carpet.
  4. Safety Gloves: The worker should wear these gloves in order to keep his/her hands covered.

Performing the Spaghetti Carpet Stains Removal Process

 Following steps are involved in applying the carpet stains removal process:

  1. In the first step, remove the spaghetti from the carpet with the help of gloves and a collector tool.
  2. Now, vacuum clean the carpet some that the small residue particles can be removed.
  3. Add water and cleaning agent in the chamber of the cleaning equipment. 
  4. With the help of the industrial grade equipment, apply the hot water on the carpet along with the cleaning agent.
  5. Let it work for some time until the cleaning agent properly settles in.
  6. Now, with the help of scrubber, remove the stains from the carpet.
  7. Wash it again with the help of hot water.
  8. Now, let the carpet dry for a few hours.