Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Carpet

A carpet is not like your cloth, so do not carry the cloth-cleaning mindset to a dirty carpet. People have a lot of misconceptions about carpet cleaning. The result is that many carpets are dutifully cleaned the wrong way. If you want your caret to last longer, you should always have it cleaned the correctly. Do not abide by the stereotypical methods. Here are the main mistakes you should avoid:

Using Any Available Method of Carpet Cleaning

There are different carpet cleaning methods, and not all of them are suitable for your particular carpet. You should not assume that every method will give you the right result. Find out the correct method that works for you, for some carets are harder to clean than others. There are two primary methods: hot water extraction and dry cleaning. Water extraction has two categories: truck mount extraction and portable extraction. Dry cleaning also is subdivided into various categories; dry foam, dry-chem, and dry-compound method. Each of these has its ups and downs so take your time to decide the best for you.

The More You Scrub, the Better

Scrubbing over and over may thoroughly remove the tough stains, but take note that if you overdo it, you remove the stains and more. The scrubber has what it takes to loosen the carpet fibers, which in turn will destroy the carpet texture. So the more you scrub to remove a stain, the worse for your carpet texture and even color.

All Cleaning Products Are Appropriate

Another point you may take for granted is that any cleaning product on offer is suitable for cleaning your carpet. Some cleaning solutions are not only harmful to your health but can also gradually cause permanent damage to your carpet. Take your time and test the products on offer. Some are corrosive; some are harmful to your pets and the environment in general.

You Can Clean As Effectively As a Professional Cleaner

Another conception you may harbor is that you have all the skills needed to properly clean a carpet and so you do not need any professional help. As long as you are not a trained a carpet cleaner, you have limited knowledge on what it takes to clean a carpet effectively. You should, therefore, consult where necessary and stand guided.

A carpet absorbs dust, pollen, debris and other dirt your family members’ shoes pick from their outdoor movements. These items deeply get embedded in the carpet, and it takes a professional cleaner with advanced equipment to rid it of them. For this reason, consider having your carpet cleaned by a professional once every year or so for proper maintenance. You could be doing it all wrong, in the name of cost-cutting.

A Carpet Should Be Fully Dirty To Be Cleaned

Do not succumb to this notion too, that it is not dirty until it is foul. A carpet is an item people walk on. If there is a stain like grease, the more it stays, the more it is driven in. Thus, by the time you decide to clean it, it has wholly stuck and dried on the carpet and so removing it will need some tact. Make it a habit to clean your carpet as soon as you know it needs cleaning, not when it is smelly.


Armed with these tips, you can now avoid the common mistakes that have the power to shorten your carpet’s lifespan.