Performing the process to remove crayon carpet stains

Performing the process to remove crayon carpet stains

Crayon carpet stains are a common problem especially in households with children due to which it is important for users to understand the process of cleaning the stains. Over the course of time, a number of different types of methods have been developed for the purpose of removing crayon carpet stains depending upon different factors such as the nature of the stain, the strength of crayon, the material of the carpet, the color of the carpet, and so on. In this article, we will explain a few processes with the help of which crayon carpet stains can be easily removed in the household while using the materials available without requiring any professional help. However, in the case the nature of the stains is severe then we also recommend using professional help for the purpose of removing them using professional methods such as steam or dry cleaning.  

Removing crayon carpet stains using a knife

In the early stages when the stain caused by crayon is fresh a knife can be used for the purpose of removing the material, which will also result in significantly weakening the stain. In order to perform the process, a knife can be rubbed on the area a few times in a gentleman manner for removing the material from the carpet. However, this process should only be performed with extreme care and an appropriate assessment of the material of the carpet should also be made before using a knife because in some cases, there is also a chance of damage to the carpet.  We also recommend that after removing the crayon material from the carpet, a simple cleaning process using a cleaning solution should also be performed for obtaining better results.

Removing crayon stains using an iron

In the case when the crayon stain on the carpet is significantly weak then iron can also be used for the purpose of removing it. In this case, a moderately hot iron can be rubbed on the area, which will result in removing crayon stains. However, this process may also result in affecting the material of the carpet due to which it should be performed with extreme care. Similarly, it will not also be useful when the stains have become hard after the passing of significant time. 

Remove crayon stains using a cleaning solution

Crayon carpet stains can be removed with the help of a cleaning solution such as vinegar or baking soda that are commonly available in the households. Therefore, an appropriate cleaning solution can be prepared for the purpose of removing the stains. The steps for removing crayon carpet stains using a cleaning solution are given below:

In the first step, prepare a cleaning solution and soak a cleaning cloth in it for applying to the areas affected by crayons. 
Now rub the area gently with the help of the cleaning cloth until the stains start to come off. 
In the end, wash the area with the help of clean water and let it dry for a few hours. Also know more about how to perform the industrial dryer vent cleaning here.